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Website Statistics & Google Analytics for Law Firm Websites

Designing, marketing and managing your Houston law firm website is only half the battle. After the website is done, the real work begins. We help you in tracking the success of your website through website statistics and Google Analytics.

Website statistics and Google Analytics for lawyers and law firms.In the last ten years, tools have emerged to make it easier to manage and market your website. The same is true for statistical analysis. Once left to clunky software packages, powerful free applications like Google Analytics took their place.

We can help you manage this process through tracking and analysis of the visitors to your website and provide you with detailed information on how to improve your reach, taking the work out of your hands. We are old hands at website analytics, and provide services for law firms, lawyers and attorneys in Texas including Dallas, Houston, Beaumont and San Antonio.

Google Analytics and Statistical Tracking Services for Houston, Texas Attorneys

  • Install Google Analytics tools
  • Monitoring and reporting

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